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Helping Turlock, CA Business Owners With Their Roofing Needs


Commercial roofs play a major role in depicting the building’s exterior appearance, as well as in protecting the building’s interiors in all weather conditions. You could be constructing a new commercial roof for your company, or you intend to fix, partly or fully rebuild your current roof, you may need to employ the services of an experienced and licensed commercial roofer. Turlock roofing pro's have successfully repaired and installed roofs of hundreds of businesses and have a highly professional workforce equipped with the latest tools, equipment and skills to provide true value to customers.

Types of Commercial Roofing Systems

Every commercial building is designed in a way keeping in mind the nature of the business it is built for. There are four types of roofing materials commonly installed for commercial roofing systems namely: Thermoplastic Roofing, Photo-voltaic Solar Panels, Green Roofs, and EPDM Roofing. Each type of commercial roofing has its advantage, and you can choose any of the above materials depending on your budget and needs/preference.

Photo-voltaic solar panels are the best option for those who want to lower down energy costs and also conserve the environment. They are used to convert sun rays into electricity and supply into the commercial building. EPDM is easy to install and also easy to maintain. Its affordability and durability makes it the best choice for anyone looking for a reasonable yet affordable roofing solution. Green roofs are covered with grass, thereby improving the roof’s insulation properties. It also helps in lowering heating and cooling costs. Thermoplastic is the most commonly used roofing material in commercial buildings. This is because it is highly durable in all types of weather conditions offering the value for your money. If they are maintained well, thermoplastic roofing materials can last up to 20 years.

Asphalt roofing is often used in commercial applications and is often applied to flat or semi-flat roofs that have good access and adequate drainage. The advantage of asphalt is that it is less costly than other roofing materials, and it holds up relatively well when applied correctly. The method results in a roof that is not very attractive, although it is frequently covered with a sheet of decorative stone to enhance the appearance.

A couple more common roof systems that we tend to use with Business owners in Turlock, CA are:


Both of which usually require a sealant which can protect it.

Choose a Commercial Roofer you can depend on!

Turlock roofing pro's offers industry-leading services in emergency leaks, Re-roofing and quick repairs. We have been taking care of businesses for a couple of years, and we will do all that is in our power so that you can feel confident when you are going to utilize and show off your building. We want you to prosper and feel confident with whatever you’re going to do with your business, so give us a quick call now to learn how we can get you to meet your goals and help you achieve them. Schedule an on-site roof inspection Today in your Turlock, CA commercial property.



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